The rise of ecommerce in recent years cannot be denied. In fact, the ecommerce share of retail sales has been increasing over the past few years and is forecast to grow even further.

But what does that mean for shopping habits?

The latest data shows that in spite of the internet age we live in, brick-and-mortar stores remain consumers’ top place to buy things. About two thirds (67 percent) of global consumers say that they carried out the majority of their purchases by visiting a physical store in person, making brick-and-mortar stores the most popular place to shop. 

The habit of visiting physical stores is particularly applicable for certain types of purchases including appliances, clothing and accessories, and health and beauty products. 

Much of it also depends on why they need the product. Six out of ten consumers who continue to purchase products in physical stores say they do so because they need the product right away, while around half said they wanted to experience the product and browse around for ideas. 

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However, there’s no denying that the internet and the growth of ecommerce are changing the way consumers shop. Though visiting a store in person, picking out items of interest, and purchasing them on the spot continue to prove popular among consumers, it’s slowly becoming less prevalent.

Aside from visiting a physical retail shop, consumers today are also taking advantage of the internet, which is why many consumers’ top places to shop are now online.

The most popular places to shop online include mobile apps, which 42 percent of consumers say they’ve been using to do most of their shopping. Social media marketplaces and communication apps are also very popular places to shop for consumers, with 22 percent and 12 percent of them using these shopping channels respectively.

Data indicates that the convenience and ability to multitask while shopping is the reason online platforms are becoming increasingly popular places to shop. Many consumers are buying things online as they relax at home. 

But shopping habits and preferences aren’t black and white. There is a substantial amount of consumers who enjoy combining the two. Interestingly, 37 percent of global consumers do a majority of their shopping by purchasing items online and then visiting the store to pick them up. 

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