Because it’s the most popular search engine in the world, Google is the search engine most businesses focus their SEO efforts on. But what are the top Google searches carried out by consumers and internet users all over the world?

Recent data of the ten most popular searches on Google shows that the most searched word in the third quarter of 2020 is “Google” itself.

To determine the top Google searches, the data uses the “index vs query” unit, which measures a query’s search volume against that of the top query. In other words, a search query with an index of 80 received 80 percent of the total search volume of the top query, which, in this case, is “Google.”

After “Google,” the second-most-searched word on Google is the king of social media, “Facebook,” which has an index of 81. This should come as no surprise, considering the social media platform’s massive user base of 2.6 billion and that it ranks among the three most visited websites worldwide.

“YouTube” is the third-most-popular searched word on Google with an index of 76—just three behind “Facebook.” It is also the second-highest ranked social media-related search query.

These three most searched words on Google are substantially more popular than the rest. Starting from fourth place, the index falls below 55 and there’s a huge 24 index points difference between the third- and fourth-most searched keywords on Google.

The fourth and fifth most popular searches on Google are generic searches: “weather” with an index of 52 and “news” with an index of 46.  

The remaining five are:

  • “Amazon”
  • “Translate”
  • “WhatsApp”
  • “Instagram”
  • “Videos”

Of the ten most popular searches on Google in Q3 2020, Google aside, four are related to social media and communication, four are general searches, and one is ecommerce-related.

It is worthy to note that the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which has sent countries all over the world into lockdown, resulted in “coronavirus” and “corona” ranking among the top ten most searched words on Google in the second quarter of 2020. 

In Q3 2020, however, both have fallen off the top ten charts. “Coronavirus” ranks in 11th place with an index of 27, while “corona” does not even feature among the top 20.

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