Jewelry is one of the most popular items people purchase online. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and watches, the jewelry market is worth several billions of dollars in the US.

As it is, its overarching category, fashion, ranks among the top online shopping categories in the world. And given the growing US fashion industry size, especially in ecommerce, it’s no wonder the online jewelry market is also doing relatively well. 

In fact, the latest online jewelry sales statistics in the US show that there’s been constant sales growth from 2011 to 2019. In 2019, the online jewelry market generated nearly $8.4 billion, its best year of the decade. 

During this period, the online jewelry market size grew at an average of 8.64 percent annually. The biggest year-over-year increase was registered in 2012 when online jewelry sales surged 18.78 percent. 

Experts say the growth the industry experienced towards the latter part of the previous decade is due to the increased demand for jewelry. This is spurred by consumers’ growing disposable income, which permitted them to not only spend but also spend more on expensive discretionary goods such as jewelry. 

In fact, reports say that the online jewelry market has been growing faster than the overall US economy over the past five years.

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Online Jewelry Sales Statistics: Impact of the Coronavirus

Following 2019, online jewelry sales statistics show a fall in sales: 2020 marked a 9.7 percent plunge, falling to just under $7.6 billion—around $800 million less than the previous year.

Industry analysts say this is the result of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced consumers to reduce expenditure and above all, cut down on costly discretionary goods. 

That said, the online jewelry market is expected to slowly recover in the coming years. Already, experts are projecting a slight uptick in 2021’s jewelry sales online. The online jewelry market is forecast to grow—albeit gradually—by 0.72 percent to just over $7.6 billion this year.

This forecast is positive, despite any lingering uncertainty around the pandemic. Watchers of the online jewelry market are expecting the US unemployment rate to stabilize and consumers to return to work. This, in turn, will inject a boost in consumer confidence and drive demand.

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