There are many moving parts involved in running an ecommerce business. From trying to increase your average order value to making sure your email marketing strategy is working, each of these requires constant monitoring.

One of the most important ecommerce KPIs (key performance indicators) to track is the bounce rate. This refers to the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page. In other words, low bounce rates are what you should aim for as they indicate better store performance and experience for visitors.

So then, what is the average bounce rate for ecommerce stores in the US?

According to the latest data, US ecommerce bounce rates in Q2 2021 are at 43.8 percent – a slight increase from the 42.4 percent in the previous quarter and a six percent year-over-year increase.

The increase over the past year is in line with a global trend, which saw ecommerce bounce rates in EMEA countries rise from 36.1 percent a year ago to 37.6 percent.

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Ecommerce Bounce Rate by Source

There are many factors influencing online shopping behavior, and this includes the source through which digital consumers are taken to an ecommerce website.

Of the most common sources (direct, social, email, and search), the highest ecommerce bounce rate comes from traffic originating from social, which refers to social media. More specifically, as many as 45.4 percent of online shoppers arriving on an ecommerce website from social media platforms leave after browsing just one page. 

This is followed by shoppers who land on the ecommerce store directly (by introducing the website URL directly into a browser or via saved bookmarks), with a bounce rate of 44 percent.

Visitors arriving via email marketing efforts generate an ecommerce bounce rate of 34.7 percent, and those coming from search engines are at 29.9 percent – the lowest of these four main website traffic sources.

Ecommerce Bounce Rate by Device

The browsing experience also varies according to device. Between desktop, mobile phones, and tablets, the average bounce rate for ecommerce stores comes from desktop shoppers at 44.6 percent.

Digital consumers on mobile phones produce a bounce rate of 43.8 percent, just slightly lower than those on desktops. The lowest ecommerce bounce rate across different device users comes from those shopping online on tablets, at 35.8 percent. 

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