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Email marketing is an important tool in driving more traffic and sales to your website. It may sound intimidating or tedious but it’s well worth the efforts. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people. In this post, we’ll go over different email marketing templates and ideas. 28% of US customers were interested in receiving emails from a company to stay informed. Another 27% like to keep an eye out for savings through email. By no means, you should ignore other marketing outlets like Facebook marketing campaigns or Instagram marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a great outlet for keeping users informed. It’s a nice way to reach a lot of mobile users too. 42 percent of retailers’ email messages were opened by consumers on their smartphones. Email open rates tend to grow steadily year over year for customers. People are three times more likely to engage with an email than any other social media posting. Click through rates in emails are 6x of Twitter and 5x of Facebook. That, right there, is enough to convince anyone to start using email marketing.

Some of the examples I’ve included in this email are not of eCommerce stores. That’s because it’s rare to see online retailers to do some of these emails like an editorial. I think it’s a missed opportunity. If it works for software companies or services, there is no reason it won’t work for eCommerce too. Let us learn from other types of business to make our own better.
Email marketing templates ideas

There are a variety of different ideas on what to send in your emails. Let’s start with 10 different ones to get a feeling of what is possible with email marketing.

1. Email marketing templates for E-course, training or DIY

When you’re selling apparel, the easiest thing you can do is send fashion advice to your customer. The idea here is to help them dress better. You’re showing and teaching them how to look good or find their own style. You can promote how-to videos on pairing colours, or what to do about the latest trending items.


You can make it elegant like Trunk Club. They are not dumbing it down for their customers. They trust they have a good sense of style. That’s why they are sending them a style guide instead. With a style guide, Trunk Club is letting their customers browse the latest pieces on the best office wear the company has to offer.

2. Email marketing templates for customer celebration

There is nothing like appreciating your customers. Say thank you. You can’t be a successful company without them. Facebook sends a small and humble email on the customer’s birthday.


Trello sent out a big thank you email for having 10 million users. The milestone is irrelevant. The idea is to be humble and appreciate the people who give you their money (and time).


3. Email marketing templates for product reviews

A little while after each purchase send an email to your customers asking for reviews. This has many benefits. First, it lets your customers know you’re listening. And although this is not a promotion in itself, you can use the responses for marketing later. Like I said, email engagement is high so you will be able to gather your customers’ thoughts easily.


Take this email from Casper. It’s very quick and to the point. No gimmicks. No jargon. No beating around the bush. It does help that Casper is a very respected company selling quality mattresses. I’m sure the reviews they receive is a good way for them to keep improving their services.

4. Email marketing templates for testimonials

If you have some serious analytics on your site, you can track what your customers were looking at. You can send them an email about the products in their last abandoned cart, for example. Or, if you’re looking to push sales for a specific product you have in mind, focus on that instead.


Above is an example from Revolution, a tea selling company. In their email, they used results of a customer survey to send out some really nice highlights from happy customers. The four different customer testimonies read well. It’s a nice touch that they also gave away a 10% coupon with the email.

5. Email marketing templates for industry news

This email is essentially going to include the latest hot topics from your industry. Did someone debut a new line of sneakers? What are the fashion icons up to now? Industry news is a great way to keep your customers informed about what’s been happening and trending recently.


Sidebar does this really well. For web design and web development news, they email you once a week with a few highlighted links that are the most interesting from the last week.

6. Email marketing templates for bBlog excerpts

If you have free content on your website, like a blog, send your customers the latest updates. Share your most popular post of the week or a quick snippet about all the posts you published in the last 10 days. If you have a blog you will need to keep driving traffic towards it. This is a fantastic way to do it.


Our community sends a weekly newsletter with all sort of updates. One portion of their email is an update on the blog posts they have published the previous week. It’s a nice way for people to get a quick preview of newly available content to them. They can pick and choose what they find interesting.

7. Email marketing templates for editorials

Consider an editorial when you want to publish a think piece. Of course, you should publish it on your website but also send it in the email too. If you have a strong opinion on what’s been happening in your industry, write about it and send it forward.


Crew knows how to do content marketing very well. Although they sell web design services, there is a lot to be learned from them for eCommerce retailers too. They have a blog filled with fantastic web design advice, for free. The blog helped them become well-known. Naturally, they send a quick email once a week with what they have posted. In this email, there is even a quick snippet. The email is focused on just a single post.

8. Email marketing templates for special offers, coupons, giveaways and promotions

Just about every business does a promotional email every now and then. You should too!


Brooklinen’s promotional email is there to encourage a first time customer. First, they show off a few of their different items which are followed by the promotion. I like this email format because it allows customers to see the product without throwing the promotion in their face first.

9. Email marketing templates for new product/service announcements

If you are adding a new line of products, tell your customers. It’s going to be hard for them to keep buying from you if they are not kept in the loop on the products you are selling. Again, this is a pretty common practice for all types of business, including eCommerce stores.


Uniqlo recently sent out a good email about their fall items. The email is nice to look at, well organized and to the point. A good product announcement email should have plenty of photos. A customer will get a quick preview of new and great items. If they are intrigued, they will click through. Pretty straight forward.

10. Email marketing templates for photos

People love photos. It’s not an exaggeration. See if you can come up with something clever and visual with your products. Can you get artistic with them? How about funny? Warby Parker did. They did a cute spoof about dogs being cool in the summer by showing a few cute and funny photos of hip looking dogs wearing sunglasses. I’m sure that email got a lot of engagement!


What to use for email marketing services?

First, there is SendGrid. SendGrip’s focus is mainly on automated transaction emails. Use them for welcome emails, thank you emails for purchases and review emails. They too come with pre-made templates.

Another option is Campaign Monitor. They are a great service if you’re looking to have custom made email marketing templates. One of their key differentiating features is the ability to send multiple email campaigns in segments.

What are you going to try?

I’m excited for you to try some of the ideas mentioned in this post. Whatever you choose, don’t forget that email marketing is a worth file venture with amazing returns.

Want to learn more?

Is there anything else you’d like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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