16 Best-Selling Dropshipping Products Around the World

dropshipping products around the world

When you think of the best-selling products, which countries do you normally focus on promoting to first? The United States? Maybe you also include Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Or perhaps you promote them to people in your own country. But the reality is, each country has its own personality, style, and tastes. That’s why we’re breaking down the best-selling products around the world.

16 Best-Selling Products Around the World

1. Spain – Chakra Bangle

Chakra bracelets aren’t anything new, but their look has changed a bit since a few years ago transitioning from a meditation bead bracelet into a bangle. The more modern style is currently appealing to those living in Spain. This product has a ton of orders from Spanish customers in the past few months. When promoting this best-selling product, you might choose to start with Spain, but you can also try targeting other Spanish-speaking countries. You can promote your bangle via Instagram or Facebook ads targeting people in Spanish-speaking countries. You can partner with an English to Spanish translator to write copy, or ask a Spanish-speaking friend for some help.

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2. Italy – Slimming Massager

This anti-cellulite slimming massager helps tighten loose skin to create a slimming silhouette. This product actually ships from Italy, increasing delivery time for Italian customers. It also ships from Germany, Australia, Spain, France, Russia, China, and the United States, so you can also promote to markets near any of the countries listed to improve shipping times. When promoting your massager, show before and after photos for social proof. You can also reach out to weight loss influencers to create videos for you to share with their audience. Then, use those videos for your ads.

3. United Kingdom – Black Head Remover

This black head remover was a best-selling product in the United States a couple of months ago, and now we’re seeing sellers extend this product’s popularity to other countries. If you own a beauty store, you can also sell black head nose strips, which tend to be very popular as well. The great thing about running a skin care store is that black head removal is always temporary, so products like this require regular use and purchases to get rid of them. You can also cross-sell a skin care mask for customers to use after their black head remover, which you can also sell on your store like this as an upsell. You can promote your product with Pinterest Ads using keywords like acne, acne remedies, black heads, black head remover diy, or black head remover.

4. Russia, Japan, and South Korea – Men’s T-Shirt

Men’s clothing sales tend to be popular year round. Lately, we’ve been seeing this men’s t-shirt soar in sales in countries like Russia, Japan, and South Korea. You can promote this t-shirt on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out to male influencers to take photos wearing the shirt to share with their followers, and pin links to your products on Pinterest. And while Pinterest is female-dominated, products like this could be classified under a “gifts for him” board.

5. United States – Mighty Garden Water Hose

If you’ve ever driven throughout the United States, you’ll find fresh green lawns in front of gorgeous suburban houses. It’s no wonder that one of the hottest products in the United States right now is this mighty garden water hose. To further the reach of your product, you’ll want to focus on suburban cities throughout the States. That means, New York City is probably a no go. But Bethesda in Maryland might be a good starting point. You’ll also want to target people who recently bought a home. Targeting gardeners or people who like gardening could be another option to help you find people who maintain the look of their yard.

6. Canada – Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Washing all your produce at once can be tough, eh? Fortunately, customers can now place your fruits and veggies in a reusable mesh bag to wash them with ease. It can also be used to store children’s toys and transport other household goods on the go. You’re most likely to find that a young mom is the ideal customer for this product. You can position it as a way to help bring her kid’s toys to grandma’s or as a way to save time washing food up before dinner. You can target young moms of children under 12 via Facebook and Instagram ads. You can also promote this product to mom blogs to reach a new audience by doing a giveaway on a product review post.

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7. Indonesia – Hydrogel Mask

It may not be conventional, but in Indonesia, the hydrogel mask is growing in sales. What does the hydrogel mask do? It helps remove the appearance of a double chin. To increase the popularity of this product, you’ll want to target women who are interested in beauty. You might want to partner with an Indonesian beauty blogger to share this product with their followers. YouTube could also be a great channel to promote this product by sharing the experience of a beauty vlogger showing how to use the mask and talk about what it feels like. You can offer an affiliate link so that the vlogger makes a commission of sales if you can’t afford to pay a flat rate.

8. France – Abdominal Machine

In France, it’s time to say non to the baguettes and oui oui to the abdominal machine. This weight loss product is selling faster than the croissants at a local French bakery. It’s best marketed on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook Ads, and through search. You can create videos that you use for Pinterest and Facebook Ads that shows the product being used so people see how it works. When it comes to search, keep in mind that if your store was opened yesterday this strategy won’t work for you. However, if you’ve been running a fitness or weight loss store for over six months now, you can add blog content around the topic of abdominal workouts and include a link to your product page.

9. Nigeria – Summer Shoes

If you’re targeting Nigeria, these are toetally the shoes you want to be selling on your store. You can promote these men’s loafers with either Facebook ads or Google Shopping ads. When it comes to targeting options, you might want to test out men between 24-35. You can also target men by profession, such as entrepreneur, or by interest, such as men’s fashion. You can highlight keywords like “breathable” in your ad copy, which is a must-have trait during Nigerian heat waves.

10. Egypt – Men’s Vest

If you’ve been investigating what to sell in Egypt, here’s a hint: it’s this men’s vest. To promote this best-selling product, you could use a combination of Instagram, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. With Instagram, if you’re just starting out, you can use hashtags like #vest, #egyptian, #mensfashion, #mensfashiontrends, and #mensfashions to give your posts more visibility. You can add up to 30 hashtags in the post’s first comment to gain more eyeballs on it. With Facebook and Instagram ads, you might choose to target men between 18-34 who live in Egypt.

11. South Africa – Lip Kit

The ladies of South Africa are puckering up for this lip kit. The lip kit comes with 12 colors in shades ranging from light pink to deep brown. You can promote these lipsticks on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. For Instagram, you’ll use hashtags like #lipstick, #lipkit, #lipsticks, #lipstick💄, and other high intent lip-based keywords. For Pinterest, you can post each picture on your Pinterest account under a “lipstick” board. For Facebook Ads, you can promote by targeting women who are interested in beauty between the ages of 22-34.

12. Jamaica – Hip Hop Necklace

In Jamaica, this hip hop necklace is the latest best-seller. You can promote it on Facebook by targeting men who like hip hop, rap, bling, and jewelry. Instagram might also be a good place to market your hip hop necklace. Hook up with an influencer in Jamaica who can model your necklace in a photo. You can then use that photo for your Instagram ads. You can also post the photo on Instagram using relevant hashtags such as #hiphopbling, #hiphopblingshow, #hiphopblinglifestyle, and other relevant keywords.

13. Brazil – Remote Control Cars

Rev up your engines for one of the biggest products in Brazil, a remote control car. The best way to get speedy sales is by partnering with a YouTuber who does toy reviews adding a link back to your store. The target audience of this product may not be old enough to own credit cards yet but if they find this product on a channel they watch, they might be able to do some of the heavy lifting for you. Of course, you can also target parents of children aged 5-12 on Facebook to help you gain some customers as well.

14. Turkey – Men’s Slimming Vest

As we’ve seen twice already, the fitness niche tends to be popular when it comes to best-selling products. And in Turkey, this men’s slimming vest is no exception. Over the past two years, we’ve seen sky high growth for women’s shapewear and now we’re starting to see more products just like it… but for men. You can target men on Facebook. Now it can be kinda tricky to find the right interest for overweight people you might choose to target people based on diet. For example, people who are interested in a keto diet or who search hashtags like #ketotransformation might be more likely to be in the process of wanting to lose weight or appear slimmer.

15. India – Cat T-Shirt

Looking for the purrfect product to sell in India? We’re feeling good about the performance of this cat t-shirt. The marketing for this is pretty straightforward. You can target women on Facebook who have an interest in cats. You can also reach out to Instagram cat pages about doing a sponsored post with this t-shirt. To improve its success, have an influencer include a cat in their picture to help the post get more visibility. If you only post the product on its own people will be more likely to scroll past it.

16. Singapore – Electric Shaver

In Singapore, the electric shaver has been growing in popularity. Facebook and Instagram ads seem to be the marketing channel of choice for this product. Video ads tend to work best with ads showing how to use the product to remove hair from your face. You can also pay beauty bloggers for Instagram shoutouts and have them post a video of the product on their account.


These best-selling products around the world are just a few of the millions of products you can sell on your store. The lesson we really want to drive home here is to go beyond targeting the United States and transition into selling to a global audience so you can really skyrocket your sales. Whether you’re selling men’s fashion or the latest beauty trend, there are customers all over the world who’d love to snatch up a product in your store. So get out there and explore different countries to see what the world really has to offer.

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